Lolawolf – “Drive”

Came across this Lolawolf (Zoë Kravitz, James Levy, and Jimmy Giannopoulos) track today and I was immediately hooked by the blend of a slow-burn electric feel, some sultry vocals and lyrics that get graphic to the point they don’t seem to fit. I love that, sort of how all of us show up at work and do as we should – but in hidden places of our minds we might be thinking much bolder thoughts. The pink and purple tones of the video are sexy and feminine and seem to wrap it all together.

Have a listen. The whole EP is up on Spotify here.


French Montana – All For You (Feat. Lana Del Rey, Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa)

French Montana released an orphan track this morning, “All For You” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg– and a haunting Lana Del Rey sample. I love unlikely mashups.

Read more at theFader.
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

To all those who wander. To those who find themselves sometimes on the top of a mountain or boulder scrambling towards a frozen waterfall, but must the next day settle into a desk and forget that freedom. To those who are always waiting for stolen moments of adventure. I give you The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


After seeing the well-made preview set to a version of Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men, I was pretty much in. I’m a sucker for films that involve someone seemingly ordinary diving into the unknown, willingly or otherwise.

I am grateful that although they do portray Walter’s everyday life as a bit “predictable”, they don’t insult you by showing a dull, frightened man who won’t leave the house. Instead, you see his existing taste for the extraordinary in his love of the photos he studies, his knowledge of the people and places Life magazine exhibits, his relationship with Shawn the elusive photographer and of course his tendency to daydream in vivid detail some choice “what if” scenarios that range from carving a golden statue to fighting a man in the streets over a Stretch Armstrong doll.

The subtle, budding chemistry between Walter and Cheryl has that awkwardness that real life inevitably does, and it was nicely done to be a part of but not the main motivation for Walter’s leap into taking an actual adventure to chase down a photo negative for the final issue of Life.

I really love Penn’s magnetic portrayal of the wayward photographer, even if he’s actually only in a few scenes.

Side note, I am in love with the significance his mother’s clementine cake has through the storyline, the Space Oddity cover done by Kristen Wigg,  and with the Life Magazine motto:

To see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to, to draw closer, to see and be amazed.

I really hope this movie gets some notice. With its sweeping score, pepperings of humor and a story that says “Ohai” to your own urge to frolic in a field once in a while, you should probably see it. Like on Friday. Text your friends.

Tigers? Oh my.

Today I’m rocking another piece with a giant animal face on it, and my girl Temple has been inspiring me to blog again, so I braved the freeze-off-your-earlobes cold this morn to snap a pic.


I always try to be a little playful with my ensembles, because it’s fun, freeing and fitting with my personality. I’m zesty.



I’ve got some cozy ponte leggings on with the Not Rated boots I scored from Zappos. This epic tiger sweatshirt is a comfy knit and has faux-leather trim details that give a nod to the lingering tuxedo-stripe trend. When I get bolder, I will pair this top with a print legging or a brighter jean.

Here’s some other tiger-face goodness I found here and there. I highly recommend you get some in your life.

Honorable Tiger Mouse
Tiger Tank @ Forever21


Day #4 Outfit Challenge

It’s Friday! And Day 4. My lazy factor is dramatically increased on Fridays, but this ensemble turned out pretty adorbs.

A pretty comfy pair of black Lauren Conrad leggings is a great building block, especially paired with my tan riding boots. I wanted to put a few items into the remix that would be a true challenge, and this sweet Snow White sweater is one of them.

It’s very cute and has a great relaxed fit and high-low hem. But the print and the body are a little different for me so we’ll see how many times I can get it into an outfit.

Snow White Sweater – Disneyland

Leggings – Lauren Conrad (sorry but I love her. Her blog is fab)

Riding Boots – Rackroom Shoes

Key Necklace – Lauren Conrad

Jedi was really trying to get into the shot today. I told him that’s not even how you photo bomb.


Day#3 Outfit Challenge

Today, my team at work opted to have a Thirsty Thursday with fancy dress. Puzzler. I had to find something that would work within the pieces I had chosen for this challenge.







Lucky me, I had this pretty floral dress with a high-low hem and a cut-out back, and also this vibrant teal coat with a sort of 40’s inspired structure. My little black pumps were an elegant companion to the whole

For the moments when we needed to be extra fancy, I sported this hat with a matching vintage appeal. When the whole team went to the café together, dresses and blazers and smoking jackets, we looked a little bit like a Great Gatsby party. It was awesome.

Day #2 Outfit Challenge

It’s Day#2 of the Challenge! I simplified it a bit today but I’m never without a few bold features.






This outfit is sponsored by my very good friend Cobalt Blue and the lovely leopard ballet flats I dug out of the depths of my closet this morning. Love those little treasures you forgot you had J

Button-Down Blouse in Cobalt – Old Navy

Dark Skinnies – 17/21

Leopard Ballet Flats – Target

Fish-scale cuff – thrifted

Also today I wore this lovely necklace that Jason got me last night for our seven-year anniversary. It’s made from silver spoons circa 1850’s. He knows me pretty well that one.


Day #1

Day #1

30 items, 30 days and 30 outfits! And today is day one. I’ve got a few good friends joining me this time around and I’m anxious to see what gems they come up with. I even have a gentleman friend who’s decided to take the challenge, a bold move to be sure.


Today I’m sporting my Day-of-the-Dead jersey dress with a classic black blazer, lace cut-out belt and my lucky purple Mary Jane’s. It sort of looks to me like an edgy pin-up girl who’s going to the Kentucky Derby.


If you want the dress to be all your own, you can find it here at H&M for $17.95. Not too shabbs.


Embellishing the whole thing with a sparkly headband I grabbed at Charming Charlie’s. Well not grabbed. I mean I paid for it

Good luck on your journeys all!

Fall 30×30 Remix Challenge

Fall 30x30 Remix Challenge

I’ve been waiting forever for Fall to arrive (might have purchased some Lauren Conrad leggings yesterday even though it’s still hot here) and it’s on the way! Boots y’all. Boots.

I’ve decided to embark again on a 30×30 Remix for the Fall as I’ve done in the past, inspired originally by one of my favorite bloggers over at Kendi Everyday.

What I want to know is, do you have the stones to join me?

Here is a guide.

And BTW, these are the leggings I got, in blue and grey. Oh yeah.

Panic! At The Disco: This Is Gospel

Pulled from their upcoming album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! – out October 8th.

This is Gospel is a little more dark than they typically go, while still managing to stay earnest and a bit playful. I love the blended tones at the intro, and I’m a sucker for anything that addresses “the Fallen”. Have a listen.

Image via


HAIM – Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow Cover)

I am a new fan of HAIM (pronounced to rhyme with “time”), a lovely lady-rock band hailing from L.A. You can’t beat the harmonious tones you get from singers who are sisters, and they have been aptly described as “nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B” . This playful cover of Strong Enough does take me back to the early nineties, sitting by the radio waiting for this song to play so I could press that red record button.

HAIM will be appearing at the Life is Beautiful Festival in October.

Mint & White Denim

In a bold attempt to try new things and make use of the assorted stuff that’s already in my closet, this week I finally got the stones to don some white denim.

First surprise? They actually reflected a teensy bit of the heat and were noticeably cooler than normal denim. One or two degrees really makes a difference out here in the driest of deserts. Since they are boot cut and still a bit long for my vertically challenged self, I went with my tall wedges.

Adding to the refreshing theme, I paired a lightweight mint tank top with a sheer polka dot companion, and I loved the effect. Rounded it out with some stacked pearl bracelets and my archery amulet and you get one of my new faves.

Need something more refreshing? Try one of these, a Mint Chip Gelato Ice Cream Sandwich:

Nom nom. Click for the FifteenSpatula’s recipe.